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O's Candy Nuts a heavenly delicious healthy snack, manufactured by most famous Nougat Candy Company. We specialize in the production of various types of Nougat candies that are combined in different recipes. Our mission is to create a unique and healthy snack for everyone to enjoy. O's candy was created for any occasion such as business meetings, family gatherings or personal enjoyment. After every bite, you will be saying Ooo, life is sweet.

Our heavenly tasting O's Candy are made and packaged with care to be served and presented at home or at gatherings. Our beautifully artistic and flowery packaging was inspired by that one memorable spring road trip that left us astonished from such colorful and marvelous nature we experienced and that we now want to share with you! O's Candy would serve as a perfect gift to be given to those who love to snack on road trips, work environment, home gatherings or be given as a gift of appreciation and love.

Our product

Our product is simply a taste we cannot resist. We strive to give our customers high quality that is never compromised. Our finest and distinctive toffee candy will sure make your life sweet as you cannot resist smiling as you indulge into the flavors of the English toffee candy melting in your mouth. Our English toffee candy snacks are made with high quality cashew nuts and maple syrup.

          Almond Crunch is perfect for a morning snack. If you are always on the go, our crispy snack will serve as a great complimentary to your morning coffee or tea! With the help of almonds and nutty rice bites, this snack will sure keep you satisfied until your meal.

Life is sweet!

If you are more of a mixed nuts type of person we also have an assorted mixed nuts & chews snack that contains mixed cashew nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, cranberries and raisins that will sure make u want to have more than one bite. Our healthy snacks are simply heavenly Delicious! "We are persistent to providing exquisite, delicious and high quality candy; we are persistent to making life sweet."